High precision:
Multiple software analysis methods, multiple application modes, high-precision motion system; 
High efficiency: 
One maintenance workstation confirms the detection data of multiple online machines, realizing fully automated process control.




Maachine Characteristics:

1,HD color global exposure digital camera speed increase 30%
2,High depth of field telecentric lens, which can measure the solder joints on the side of high components
3,Support the detection of smt front, back and dip station
4,Support 0201 packaged component inspection
5,CAD data import, automatic linking component library, automatic color picking
6,True non-stop offline programming and program update
7,MES data docking to realize intelligent factory
8,Support multi-line centralized management and remote service

Technical Parameters:

 PCB Specifications
Max. PCB size (X x Y) 510mm x 460mm (Double lane) :510mm x 330mm
(Single lane):510mm x 600mm
Min. PCB size (Y x X) 50mm x 50mm 50mm x 50mm
PCB Thickness 0.6mm-6mm
Board Edge Gap Top: 3mm   Bottom: 3mm (Width of transport belt contact with PCB/fixture)
Max. Bottom Gap 50mm  
Max. Top Gap 35mm  
Delivery Speed 1500mm/s (MAX)
Transmission height from the ground 900±30mm
Transmission lane direction Left-Right,Right-Left,Left-Left,Right-Right
Transmission method One Stage lane
PCB clamping method Edge locking substrate clamping
Image   parameters
Camera GigE Vision (Gigabit network interface), Resolution: 2448 x 2048(5 Mega Pixels)
FOV 36mm x 30mm
Resolution 15 μm
Lighting System Multi-angle surrounding LED light source  
Performance Parameyers
Inspecting Contents Missing parts, misalignment, tilted feet, virtual soldering, offset, pole reversal, tombstone,bridging, less tin, floating pins, bent pins, etc
Power requirements AC220V±10%,50/60HZ,1.8kVA
Compressed air requirements 4~6Kg/cm2
Operating system Windows  10
External dimension 1090mm(L) x 1290mm(W) x 1534mm(H)(Without light,monitor and keyboard) L(1090mm) x W(1500mm) x H(1534mm),(without tri-color lights, monitor and keyboard)
Machine weight About  750KG About  850KG
Environment temperature 4~40˚C
Absolute humidity 25-80%RH4
Communication Method Standard SMEMA Connection

Functional Features:
SMT Automatic PCB Inspection Inline Aoi Testing Inspection Machine in SMT Production LineSMT Automatic PCB Inspection Inline Aoi Testing Inspection Machine in SMT Production Line

Company Information:

HTGD (GDK) is committed to take the professional line, to enrich the SMT professional and technical service experience, process improvement and effective solutions, rich practical experience to provide customers with appropriate and economical and reliable recommendations to meet the special needs of all types of customers. The company established a head office in Shenzhen and set up branch offices in Dongguan, Suzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Xi'an and Xiamen. At the same time, there are many branches and agents overseas, forming a strong distribution and service network in the world.
Major application range is SMT & PCB assembly, consumer electronics products, auto industry, LED assembly, medical electronics industry, etc.


1.Shenzhen HTGD Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd established in 2008.

2.300+ staffs

3.2,000 sets machines production capability per year

4.Sales and service covers 35+ countries around the world.

5.Focus on design&research based on customer’s request

6.HTGD & GDK two brands 

7.40,000 square meter advanced standard production workshop

8.ISO 9001 approval and CE certificate

9.More than 80 utility model patents and 5 invention patents

10.30000+ big customers in China, who are specialized in cell phone, home appliance spare parts, medical electrical parts, etc.


HTGD&GDK is focus on solder paste( screen printer), AOI, SPI, dispenser, loader, unloader, conveyor, reflow oven, design and produce, and provide SMT whole line service for customers around the world. Meanwhile provide THT whole line service too.

Production Line:
10000 square meters standard modern standard precision equipment production work.

After-Sales Service:

Technical support:
# From the purchase date, one year free warranty, lifelong maintenance
# Provide technical update and technical service at any time
# Software system life - long free upgrade, to ensure the latest version of the software and perfect functions
# Provide technical training according to customer needs

Service support:
# Since the date of purchase, the customer has become a lifetime member of  our company and enjoys the all-day waiting service
# Make phone calls and on-site visits to customers from time to time, communicate with customers and improve related problems in a timely manner
# Provide door-to-door service, one - on - one designated service policy

Advantage, Why choose us:

1. GDK,HTGD Self-branded famous manufacture around the world
2. Self developed and owned software, Company industry experience
3. 2000 sets production capability per year
4. CE,ISO,TUV certified company
5. We have many years of SMT sales, installation and after-sales service experience.
6. We have exported the whole line of SMT equipment in North America,South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries. Many of them are new customers starting from scratch.
7. We assist customers to train professional technicians and provide technical support at any time.

8. We solve all SMT problems for our customers.

SMT whole line support:
We provide SMT equipment and solutions for the whole line.

Customer Visiting:


Customer Site:

Other Products Support:
SMT Automatic PCB Inspection Inline Aoi Testing Inspection Machine in SMT Production Line

Exhibition Show:

Company's cultural and recreational activities:

Organize all kinds of cultural and recreational activities for employees...

Packing: Vacuum +Wooden Box. 


Q: What we can do for you?
A: Total SMT Machines and Solution, professional Technical Support and Service.

Q:Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: OEM & ODM service are available.
Q: What is your delivery date?
A: The delivery date is about 35 days after receipt of payment.


12MP(10μm) AOI-automatic optical inspection machine

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