1. Drive using AC servo system, screw guide combination CCD X, Y direction of the movement of precision ball screw linear guide with high-speed AC servo motor combination to ensure high-speed precision detection capabilities, detection speed, detection rate, stability and strong. 2.PCB positioning system For the different size of the PCB board, the transport track width can be adjusted, the use of

1. Drive using AC servo system, screw guide combination

CCD X, Y direction of the movement of precision ball screw linear guide with high-speed AC servo motor combination to ensure high-speed precision detection capabilities, detection speed, detection rate, stability and strong.

2.PCB positioning system

For the different size of the PCB board, the transport track width can be adjusted, the use of stepper motor drive, screw guide combination, fast and accurate positioning width; stepper motor drive, programmable to achieve different transport speed and action; adaptive PCB thickness , Pneumatic automatically to the upper edge of the clamping process is more simple.

3. Image and optical system

The product is equipped with ultra-high resolution industrial-grade color digital camera, optional 10μm ~ 25μm ultra-high resolution. Telephoto lens, high resolution, ultra-wide depth of field, ultra-low distortion and unique parallel light design, the circuit board tilt and high components can be clearly imaging, and no strabismus. Multi-angle ring LED light source, AOI dedicated light source, RGB three-color high-brightness LED array made of different angles and different colors of objects, to highlight the three-dimensional information objects. Detection of PCB board leakage, wrong pieces, skew, missed welding, Weld, tin, Wuxi, bridge, polarity and other defects.

4.SPC (statistical process control) system

The SPC system provides the most detailed and perfect database-based SPC system. The SPC system can classify, analyze and analyze the test results separately, and provide the SPC statistical analysis system in the form of pie chart histogram to facilitate the process analysis and quality improvement The Maintenance workstations and SPC reports fully support flat touch operation, allowing users to more easily use.

5. High-speed full-board image template matching detection algorithm

The rise of GPU parallel computing is due to the arrival of large data age, and the traditional multi-CPU parallel computing has been far from being able to meet the needs of large data. The biggest feature of the GPU is that it has a super-computing core, often tens of thousands of cores, greatly reducing the image processing time. So that the whole board image template to match the reality, the product can be used to assist in the detection of any position on the PCB board, tin beads, gold finger scratches and PCB board bad and so on.

6. Full board image full memory storage mode

Through the real-time preview of the way to adjust the coordinates of the entire board position, the CAD data quickly with the entire board image corresponding to the user in the adjustment of CAD data and circuit board images, more intuitive, easy and convenient. Host installation Windows 10 Chinese professional 64-bit, because the real-time access to the entire PCB image, and the whole memory storage, which can be achieved online off-line between the highly efficient off-line programming.

7.SHOPFLOOR output

Software module directly read one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar code, no external bar code gun, real-time output to bar code for the identification of SHOPFLOOR file. For customers to achieve the perfect follow-up SHOPFLOOR integrated management system, laid a solid foundation.\

A-LI 技术参数与规格
最大板尺寸 (X x Y) 510mm x 460mm
最小板尺寸 (Y x X) 50mm x 50mm
PCB厚度 0.6mm~6mm
板边缘间隙 3 mm (运输皮带与PCB/治具接触宽度)
最大底部间隙 50mm
最大顶部间隙 35mm
传送速度 1500mm/秒(Max)
距地面的传送高度 900±40mm
传送轨道方向 左 – 右、右 – 左、左 – 左、右 – 右 (程式设定)
传输方式 一段式轨道
PCB夹持方法 边缘锁定基板夹紧
相机 GigE Vision(千兆网接口)、像素:500万
影像视域 (FOV) 36mm x 30mm
分辨率 10μm~25μm
照明系统 多角度环状LED光源
检查的项目 缺件、任意位置多件、错位、翘脚、虚焊、偏移、极反、立碑、桥接、少锡、引脚浮高、引脚弯曲等等
功率要求 AC220V±10%,50/60HZ,1.8kVA
压缩空气要求 4~6Kg/cm2
操作系统 Windows 10中文专业版64位
外观尺寸 L(1090mm)x W(1265mm)xH(1516mm)不含三色灯,显示器和键盘
机器重量 约780kg
环境温度 4~40℃
相对湿度 25~80%RH4
通讯方式 标准SMEMA接口


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