Apply to SMT light board
  设备特点 Features    
1 适合SMT光板使用 Apply to SMT light board    
2 钢架结构,框架采用ф1.5冷板折弯,表面喷粉 Steel frame structure, the frame adopts ф1.5 cold plate bending, and the surface is sprayed with powder    
3 输送采用步进电机 Transmission adopts stepper motor    
4 叠板动作组件采用铝合金制作 Stacked components are made of aluminum alloy    
5 输送皮带采用7mm扁皮带 Use 7mm flat belt    
6 移动部份使用气缸+电磁阀 Air cylinder + solenoid valve for moving part    
7 配置油水分离器 Configure oil-water separator    
8 三菱可编程序控制卡,3个感应器 Mitsubishi programmable control card, 3 sensors    
9 无间断上板功能 Uninterrupted board function    
10 整机实时故障监视 Real-time fault monitoring    
11 兼容SMEMA接口 Compatible SMEMA interface    
型号/Model   GDK-46BLD
外型尺寸 Dimension L600xW650xH1200mm
线路板尺寸 Board size 50x50-530x460mm
上板时间 Board loading Approx 10 sec
工作高度 Process height 900±20mm
传送方向 Flow direction L→R or R→L
板材厚度 Board thickness Min 0.6mm
步距选择 Step distance 20mm or Custom 用户定制
储板数量 Board capacity 400pcs
整机重量 Weight 200kg
电源需求 Power requirement 220Vac 50/60Hz ,1ph
气压要求 Air requirement 0.4-0.6 Mpa;Max 30L/min
Stack Loader

GDK Series Stack Loader (sheet stackers)

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