Suitable for the position behind SPI to store PCB after printing solder paste
  设备特点 Features    
1 适用于SPI检测仪后位置,用以存放印刷锡膏后待贴片之板材 Suitable for the position behind SPI to store PCB after printing solder paste    
2 NG/OK缓存式直通功能 NG/OK cached pass-through function    
3 使用进口轴承进行输送PCB Use imported bearings to transport PCB    
4 使用伺服马达传动定位 Use servo motor to drive positioning    
5 平行及顺滑的宽度调节 Parallel and smooth width adjustment    
6 三菱PLC控制 Mitsubishi PLC control    
7 触摸屏操作 Touch screen    
8 兼容SMEMA接口 Compatible SMEMA interface    
型号/Model   GDK-TS-250B GDK-TS-330B GDK-TS-390B GDK-TS-460B
外型尺寸 Dimension L910xW750xH1600mm L1050xW885xH1600mm L1230xW920xH1600mm L1230xW1150xH1600mm
线路板尺寸 Board size 50x50-350x250mm 50x50-450x330mm 50x50-530x390mm 50x50-530x460mm
框架尺寸 Magazine size L355xW320xH565mm L460xW400xH565mm L535xW460xH565mm L535xW530xH565mm
周期时间 Cycle time Approx 15 sec
工作高度 Process height 900±20mm
传送方向 Flow direction L→R or R→L
板材厚度 Board thickness Min 0.6mm
步距选择 Step distance 1,2,3,4 or custom 客户自定
储板数量 Board capacity 24pcs
整机重量 Weight 150kg 175kg 195kg 210kg
电源需求 Power requirement 220Vac 50/60Hz ,1ph
气压要求 Air requirement 0.4-0.6 Mpa;Max 15L/min
cache machine

GDK series Cache machine

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