In 2023, the HTGD&GDK out-of-province team building was successfully concluded!

First, Guilin Guangxi.

Here we feel the customs of the ancient town and the local ethnic characteristics.
We drifted on the valve and started a water-splashing battle on the Lijiang River. At that time, the river was filled with laughter and it was very lively.


Second, Zhoushan Zhejiang.

Colleagues in Zhejiang after experiencing the fishermen's style of Zhoushan here, go to Mount Putuo, which is known as the "sea and sky Buddhist kingdom" and "sacred land of the South China Sea".

In the age of material desires, in the gap of time, with admiration in their hearts, they sincerely feel the profoundness of Chinese Buddhism in this moment of leisure.


Third, Xiamen Fujian.

Colleagues in Xiamen went to Gulangyu Island. They stepped on the soft fine sand, encountered waves lapping on the shore, and the joyful calls of seabirds. Facing the sea breeze, they felt at ease.

In Zengcuo'an, they saw the most artistic fishing village in China, walked through the alleys of "Five Streets and Eighteen Alleys" in Zengcuo'an, and felt the authentic southern Fujian culture.



Finally, enjoy the local gourmet feast and feel the local food culture.

Yangshuo's beer duck, sour bamboo shoot fish.

Xiamen's seafood feast, sand tea noodles, etc.

In the process of pushing cups and changing cups, the friendship among colleagues was further shortened.



Through this team building activity, everyone's mood has been relaxed, the distance between colleagues has been drawn closer, the cohesion of the team has become stronger, and our goals have become clearer and more consistent.

Let us work together to create a better future!


Created on:2023-07-06 17:34