GDK fully automatic solder paste printer XL for high precision and larger PCB board


XL Solder paste printer(GDK)

Minimum pcb 50 * 50mm, maximum 650 * 610mm

Printing accuracy is 15um

Cycle time: 11S.


The following is the live video used by the customer,



Forest Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. The main brand logo is "Forest Lighting".

Forest Lighting is a comprehensive optoelectronic enterprise integrating LED packaging and LED application products. With efficient and accurate production, R & D and testing equipment, 

Combined with advanced production management technology, it has become a large-scale LED production enterprise in the world.

"Forest Lighting" is the honorary trademark of Forest Lighting Co., Ltd. for many years, it has been providing users with high-quality and reliable LED products,

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Guangdong Zhongshan production base.

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Jiangxi Xinyu production base:  main products: LED home / business lighting, various lamps and supporting materials processing.

Zhejiang Yiwu production base.

Xinhe (Shaoxing): 38 led filament production lines. 16 lamp bead production lines and 10 assembly lines

LED lamp - no longer a luxury, it is an affordable enjoyment for everyone in the era of specialty stores.

Enjoyment does not mean luxury, and luxury does not mean that it is harmful to the environment;

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As a more energy-saving and environmental friendly green light source product, LED lighting will bring a better feeling to mankind

Forest Lighting started from himself and made due contributions to resource conservation and environmental protection with practical actions.


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