Grease coating Solution

Industrial introduction:


The mechanical friction parts that have relative motion such as bearing should be coated with proper quantity of grease so as to reduce the friction, prolong the service life, and cut down energy consumption. With the improvement in automation degree, the automatic grease coating has become a must procedure in the production of such parts.

•The combination of imported pressure plate pump, voltage stabilizer, and self-developed glue valve can ensure the uniformity and stability of the dispensing;


•The floor-type robot can ensure the convenience of work stations, and the highly stable structure design can also guarantee the long-term stable work of the device;


•Integrated solution: the combination of robot with dispensing system can avoid the error from the combination and facilitate the master machine management and use;


•Maintenance cost: compared with traditional gear pump and screw pump maintenance, here only replacement of related sealing elements instead of the whole pump is needed. It greatly cuts down the maintenance cost.

Created on:2020-06-18 10:22